Viewpoints: Betsy Malcolm, Sales Associate, Coldwell Banker, Dunwoody

by Atlanta Agent


Betsy Malcolm is a sales associate with Coldwell Banker in Dunwoody

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their thoughts on the top trends in real estate.

This week, we talked with Betsy Malcolm, a sales associate with Coldwell Banker in Dunwoody. A veteran agent with 25 years of experience, Betsy is a recipient of the Crystal Phoenix award, and has been one of Dunwoody’s top five agent since 1996. Additionally, she is among the top 2 percent of agents nationally, and is a lifetime member of ABR’s Multi-Million Dollar Club.

Atlanta Agent (AA): What have been the keys to success in your real estate career?

Betsy Malcolm (BM): As a real estate agent, you are a salesperson, analyst,  consultant, negotiator and counselor. I believe that honesty and integrity are crucial to establishing a long and successful career. Every transaction affects the next one. I started my career in 1986 at the age of 28, and discovered that I had to have self motivation, educated decision-making and balance to stay in this business. Some principles include:

  • Establish a network of real estate agents, brokers, buyers and sellers, and they will follow you throughout your career.
  • Learn to sell without selling.
  • Show knowledge without being pushy, and enjoy what you’re doing.
  • Stay engaged with current technology.

A winning real estate career comes down to what you wish to invest in it, realizing your strengths and weaknesses and, above all, your attitude.

AA: As the spring homebuying market takes shape, what kinds of homes are your clients most interested in?

BM: Atlanta’s inventory continues to be low, and prices continue to increase. Certain homes have multiple offers and spend very few days on the market.

Pricing properties properly to sell is a key factor. One of my businesses has been working with K & S Atlanta Properties renovating homes. Most buyers want a well-renovated home with current updates and a clean, neat appearance. If your clients want to renovate a home on their own, be educated as to prices of what a renovation could cost.

AA: Finally, what advice do you have for new agents?

BM: Entering the real estate industry can be difficult. The best advice I can give is to have a business plan and follow it. Start with a realistic financial goal. Stay motivated and have a positive attitude. Learning the roller coaster of ups and downs is a reality in this industry.

Find three areas that interest you most, and concentrate on learning every aspect of that area. Do not try to do it all. I find new agents sometimes are too spread out and all over the board. Learning is a journey, not a race. The joy of real estate is the many different aspects it has to offer. All of the top producers in our office have a different style of working, and all are very successful. Find a niche that best suits you, and go with it. There is plenty of business to go around, so enjoy the adventure of a career in real estate. It can prove to be very rewarding.

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