Atlanta No. 5 on List of Best Cities for Real Estate Investing

by Sarah Anderson


According to the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investment Market Index, Atlanta is fifth on the list of best cities to invest in real estate. For the index, BiggerPockets ranked the most profitable areas in the country for investors, analyzing such metrics as rental prices, home purchase prices, appreciation and other factors.

Here is the list of 10 best cities for investment:

  1. Dallas
  2. Denver
  3. Miami
  4. Houston
  5. Atlanta
  6. Tampa
  7. Detroit
  8. Austin
  9. Las Vegas
  10. Orlando

To pinpoint the worst cities for real estate investment, analysts looked at low home price appreciation over time and low rents per dollar on home value. 

Here is the list of worst cities:

  1. Hartford
  2. Salt Lake City
  3. Louisville
  4. Milwaukee
  5. Washington D.C.

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