Audrey Gibson and Pam Breen on starting your own real estate team

by Atlanta Agent


Pam Breen and Audrey Gibson are the mother-daughter team behind GibsonBreen & Co.

Pam Breen and Audrey Gibson, the mother-daughter team behind GibsonBreen & Co., chat with us about teamwork in Atlanta’s real estate market.

Atlanta Agent (AA): Housing in Metro Atlanta has been a bit inconsistent this summer, with sales rising and falling month to month; how has business been for GibsonBreen & Co., though?

Audrey/Pam: Even though we have been experiencing fluctuations in the market, we have been keeping busy via social media and staying in touch with our farm area. Just because the market slows down, doesn’t mean we do. In fact, this is the time to ramp it up.

AA: Are there any consistent trends you’re spotting among your buyer clients, in terms of what homes they are interested in purchasing?

Audrey/Pam: Because of our age difference, we have a wide variety of buyers and sellers! However, it does seem like they are all pretty like-minded by being attracted to the new development popping up all around the Beltline area. Not just young professionals, but families are also noticing the beauty of extra green space.

AA: Finally, you two made the unorthodox decision to start your own team, rather than join an established team. Tell us what the benefits were in doing that.

Audrey/Pam: It wasn’t a tough decision, as we both made the transition into real estate around the same time. We come from a family of real estate agents, so the concept of being a Realtor was not foreign to either one of us. We have always talked about starting our own company, and it just seemed natural. When joining forces, I (Audrey) was able to bring my energy, technical skills and experience with social media, while she (Pam) brought numerous years of business, connectiveness with the community and knowledge of this amazing city. It has created the perfect duo.

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