See which interior design style is preferred by Georgia residents


Dust off that gaudy chandelier and break out the lace: Victorian interiors are back in style, at least for some Americans.

Though it may be surprising, a recent report from custom furniture brand Joybird reveals that Victorian-era designs are the most popular style of décor across the country. Using Google Trends data from the past year, the study sets the most-searched interior design term from each state side by side for comparison. With the backing of 10 states in total, Victorian fashions bested the competition. Those communities in full support include Nevada, Nebraska, Missouri, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware.

However, if ornate crown-molding and button-backed chairs aren’t necessarily your cup-of-tea, there is no need to fret. Joybird’s findings also suggest that the popularity of any given style varies significantly nationwide.

So while Victorian interiors may reign supreme in more Midwestern and Northeastern states, the same is not necessarily true for the rest of the country. For example, contemporary or transitional design styles are heavily favored in more coastal, metropolitan places like New York and California.

So where does Atlanta stand when it comes to interiors? Joybird uncovers that the most-searched term in Georgia is actually bohemian, a style often associated with bright colors, fun fabrics, lots of plants and just a splash of retro flare.

After Victorian, bohemian is the second most popular interior design style among Americans. In addition to Georgia, other states who champion this look include Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Alabama, North Carolina, West Virginia, New Hampshire and New Jersey.

Source: Joybird

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