Report: By 2022, nearly half of builders will focus on green homes



A new report shows that going green is gaining steam among homebuilders around the country.

The Green and Multifamily and Single Family Homes 2017 SmartMarket Brief shows that at least one-third of homebuilders said that green building makes up at least 60 percent of their portfolio. Further, the results showed that by 2022, that will increase to nearly half of builders of both single- and multifamily homes.

More builders are opting for green construction because it’s cost-effective, not only for them but for developers and buyers who may pay more up front but reap the savings on energy bills.

“These findings show that green building has become an established part of the residential construction landscape,” said National Association of Homebuilders Chairman Granger MacDonald. “It is no longer a niche business; our members recognize the value of building green and are incorporating these elements into their standard business practices.”

The study, from NAHB and conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics, found that an increasing number of builders are going further than typical green building practices and adopting net-zero practices. Twenty-nine percent of single-family homebuilder respondents have built a net-zero home in the past two years and 44 percent plan to do so in the next two years.

Net-zero homes produce as much reusable energy as they consume over a year, so owners have a net-zero energy bill and a carbon-free home. According to the Zero Energy Project, these homes typically cost 5 to 10 percent more to build, but the savings on energy bills tend to attract buyers.

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