Zillow listings to go 3D


Prospective homebuyers and renters have a bevy of information about homes at their fingertips, but they’ll soon be able to get an even closer look at homes as Zillow launches its 3D Homes feature. Real estate agents will now be able to give house hunters a full view, helping them more easily picture the home and its layout before deciding to visit in person.

Zillow explained that currently, agents who want to provide 3D views have to buy expensive hardware and pay more expensive listing fees.

“We’re democratizing access to this technology, and making it free for agents and sellers. We’ve created a 3D experience that is simple and cost-effective so agents and sellers can adopt it easily,” said Jeremy Wacksman, chief marketing officer of Zillow Group. “By integrating directly with the iPhone, a device many people are already using, agents can just pull out their phone, and capture a panoramic photo. By removing the hardware barrier, more real estate pros can add 3D Homes to their listings, giving them a new way to market all of their listings, and improving the search experience for buyers and renters.”

With the new 3D feature, users upload 360-degree panoramic photos of the homes, then Zillow Group combines them to put together a complete tour in a matter of hours. The feature is currently being tested in the Phoenix metro area, where it will be rolled out in early 2018. It will go nationwide in the second half of 2018.

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