Must-have kitchen designs for 2018


Many homeowners around the country have big renovation plans for 2018, and a number of them are eying the heart of their home: the kitchen.

According to the 2018 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, 87 percent of homeowners are making the decision to drastically flip their kitchens in the new year, and they’ve got an arsenal of new styles and layouts prepared. Transitional, contemporary and farmhouse kitchens are the most favored kitchen themes among all homeowners, but it’s clear that stylistic preferences vary depending on location and other factors.

“Our annual kitchen trends surveys reveal that consumer preferences for products, design and technology vary not only across urban, suburban and rural areas, but also evolve over time,” said Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at Houzz. U-shaped kitchens, for one, are diminishing in popularity in favor of L-shaped kitchens, which are anticipated to surge in popularity in 2018.

Check out what homeowners are most excited to add to their kitchens in the coming year.

  1. Be gone, clutter. Organization and storage will be top concerns among homeowners in 2018, particularly in the kitchen. Based on the survey, 75 percent of remodelers prefer their kitchens to be tidy and uncluttered, and 66 percent want their cookware and utensils stored away neatly. Accordingly, homeowners are investing heavily in drawer organizers and pull-out waste baskets, as well as ample, functional storage cabinets.
  2. Sleek and shiny. If there’s one thing homeowners are ready to splurge on, it’s luxurious, spotless countertops — preferably made of quartz. While granite has proven to be the most sought-after counter material in past years, quartz countertops with sleek, welcoming finishes are poised to be most popular this year. For its ability to add extra sheen, white still reigns as a crowd favorite for counter and backsplash color, but the study found that homeowners from rural regions are more likely to throw in a splash of color. In terms of flooring, hardwood is still a popular choice, but wood-like flooring such as engineered wood and laminate are quickly garnering attention for their reflective qualities and inexpensive shine.
  3. Social over digital entertainment. Thirty-two percent of homeowners prioritize their kitchens as primary spaces for entertainment, but having a TV in the kitchen has become less popular over the last few years. Most consumers want their kitchens to be places where they can both eat and mingle with others, not necessarily be dialed into the rest of the world. To replace televisions, however, more homeowners are installing electronic, voice-controlled home assistants in their kitchens to give them a 21st-century flair.

Source: Houzz

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