The summer features that make a home more valuable


Homes listed with summer features can be sold for nearly 10 percent more than homes without the summer features. To figure out which features were the priciest and most sought after, realtor.com conducted a study by looking at homes on their website in May 2018 and using summer feature words.

“Buyers love special features that enable them to get the most out of the summer months, and are willing to pay more for a home that has them, according to our analysis,” said Javier Vivas, director of economic research for realtor.com.

The results found the most popular features were outdoor showers, barbecuing, fire pits and entertainment pools.

Outdoor showers

Outdoor showers were the most sought after for summer features. Homes listed with outdoor showers were nearly two times more than similar homes listed without them. Listings for outdoor showers were most popular in Massachusetts, Hawaii and New Jersey. In Massachusetts, 8.9 percent of listings mentioning outdoor showers. The median price per square foot was $335, while the state price per square foot was $247, making the feature premium 44 percent.


Barbecue mentions occurred in about 9.6 percent of listings nationwide. Listings for barbecues were most popular in Arizona, California and Utah. According to the data, homes with barbecues are 26 percent more expensive than similar homes without the barbecue feature. In Arizona, barbecue features were mentioned in 15.8 percent of listings with a media price of $214 per square foot. The state price per square foot was $161, making the feature premium 33 percent.

Fire Pits

Fire pits and backyard fireplaces were mentioned in 7.2 percent of listings. These features were the most popular in Indiana, North Carolina and Idaho. In Indiana, 7.2 percent of listings mentions fire pits or backyard fireplaces. Median price for the listings was $109 per square foot, while the state price per square foot was $91, making the feature premium 20 percent.

In Illinois, fire pits or backyard fireplaces occurred in 4.2 percent of listings. The median price was $164 for square foot while the state price was $126 per square foot, making the feature premium 30 percent.


Homes that mentioned pools were listed 26 percent higher than homes without pools. Listings were most popular in Florida, California and Arizona. In Florida, pools were mentioned in 3.2 percent of listings. The median price was $211 per square foot and the state price was $175 per square foot making the feature premium 21 percent.

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