Jobs and population growth make Atlanta more dynamic


A new report released by Point 2 Homes, an international real estate search portal, named Atlanta as the nation’s 9th most dynamic urban center.

The report, which ranked the 150 most populous cities in the U.S., looked at four different factors: human capital (i.e.: population, immigration and changes in median age); education and culture (increases in higher education degrees, rises in school enrollment and internet subscriptions, and growth in the number of people employed in arts and entertainment); economic activity (GDP, income increases, job opportunities, growth in registered patents, and declines in unemployment and poverty rates) and housing (home price appreciation, increases in building permits and decreases in the number of vacant homes).

Atlanta, which was 9th overall and 3rd in the mid-sized cities category, led in employment increases, boasting the 6th largest job growth in the country. As compared to the 150 other cities in the report, Atlanta saw the 10th largest increase in its number of companies. Not surprisingly, Atlanta also experienced a significant rise in movers from outside the city, ranking 10th overall, and 5th in the mid-sized cities category.

Progress in these areas means Atlanta stands out as a city that is consistently innovating and developing, as industrialization is slowly being pushed aside to make room for more tech-focused, entrepreneurial cultures.

According to the study, a city’s population (Atlanta is ranked 9th in population growth) and median age (the younger the population, the more dynamic — Atlanta was ranked 26 in median age decrease) are key factors in its potential for success.

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