Real Estate Policies

U.S. Supreme Court rejects CDC eviction moratorium

The nationwide eviction moratorium put into place by the Centers for Disease Control last year last year will end sooner than expected, following a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Georgia’s pro-business policies helped Realtors weather the economic storm

Georgia REALTORS® (GAR) is focusing policy discussions on what this means for real estate in the years to come.

9 ways to win a bidding war

From pizza to pre-approvals, here are some of the tools Atlanta-area real estate agents are using to help their clients land their dream homes. 

The 1031 like-kind exchange is a key tool for investing in diverse and inclusive communities

It is the ultimate equal opportunity tax code provision because it provides an efficient and effective means for individuals to grow their wealth.

HUD Sec. Fudge: ‘We will enforce U.S. Fair Housing Act’

Housing secretary reaffirms U.S. commitment to closing the racial homeownership gap at a forum with NAR president and top housing officials.

NAR: ‘Don’t panic, keep contracting’

The National Association of Realtors sends a message to members that it is working to ensure that the proposed Protecting the Right to Organize Act will not hurt their status as independent contractors.

Ending 1031s hurts land conservation, farmers

The land conservation and farming communities need to come together and let Congress know how vital the like-kind exchange is to the future of our land and that it must continue.

Atlanta City Council approves affordable-housing requirement on Westside Park developments

Atlanta’s City Council on Monday approved a measure to require for-sale residential developments near the new Westside Park to include affordable units, as city leaders seek to temper looming gentrification on the Westside.

How will the stimulus bill help real estate?

The stimulus bill includes aid for state and local governments, new homeowners, small businesses and renters.

When Fannie met Freddie

If Realtors, lenders and homebuyers are the stars of the real estate show, Fannie and Freddie are the unseen producers who bankroll the production from backstage.

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