Real Estrange

A Replica of Marie Antoinette’s Le Petit Trianon

Looking to get away from it all in the same fashion as Marie Antoinette? For $18 million you can

New Jersey’s Mysterious Wooden Chair

For almost 75 years, a number of legends have surrounded a chair on top of a West Creek, NJ home.

Converting Churches into Residences

A redevelopment trend that has caught fire across the country is converting churches to residences. In Phoenix, the Phoenix

Golf Steps Up Its Real Estate Game

With an oversupply of golf courses and a decreasing interest in the game, golfing communities are depending on other

F. Scott Fitzgerald Long Island Estate For Sale

Love “The Great Gatsby”? You can now own the home where F. Scott Fitzgerald began writing the classic tale

Queens New York Home’s Major Bee Problem

After two hours of removal, a New York City woman’s home is free of the rather large bee problem

“Brown Lawns Green” Drought-Proofs Your Grass

Listing agents will go a long way to ensure a client’s property looks appealing to potential buyers, and now

“Ugly” Chicago Apartment Gets Interest

A recent Craigslist ad for a Humboldt Park apartment in Chicago, Ill. bore some unfamiliar words to real estate

Manvel, Texas Home Goes Big

Texas is known for its big hair, big personalities and large size in general, but a fixer-upper in Manvel,

Real Estrange; Tax Collection Sabotage, Harassing Phone Calls, Pranking Neighbor

Making tax collection More of a Pain He must have had a lot of time on his hands: on

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