Real Estrange

Dome Sweet Dome

A 14-foot-wide dome-shaped house constructed with curved wooden beams that spins with the help of a small motor sounds

Toronto’s Mathematical Mansion

In Toronto, millionaire high school math textbook author Dr. Jim Stewart created a multimillion-dollar mansion, Integral House, referencing the

Legos Recreate Chicago’s Downtown Area

We’ve seen boxes of Legos turn into magnificent creations, from replicas of sports stadiums to race cars to life-sized

Witanhurst: A Mansion Surrounded by Mystery

Witanhurst is London’s largest private house, built between 1913 and 1920 on an eleven-acre plot in Highgate, a wealthy

An Empty Manhattan in Wake of China’s Economic Slowdown

A deserted Manhattan sounds like something you would only see a movie like The Day After Tomorrow, right? Wrong.

A Replica of Marie Antoinette’s Le Petit Trianon

Looking to get away from it all in the same fashion as Marie Antoinette? For $18 million you can

New Jersey’s Mysterious Wooden Chair

For almost 75 years, a number of legends have surrounded a chair on top of a West Creek, NJ home.

Converting Churches into Residences

A redevelopment trend that has caught fire across the country is converting churches to residences. In Phoenix, the Phoenix

Golf Steps Up Its Real Estate Game

With an oversupply of golf courses and a decreasing interest in the game, golfing communities are depending on other

F. Scott Fitzgerald Long Island Estate For Sale

Love “The Great Gatsby”? You can now own the home where F. Scott Fitzgerald began writing the classic tale

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