The Trovato Team

CBC National Bank

Lenny Trovato, Senior Mortgage Banker
Kelly Trovato, Team Leader
Joe Trovato, Senior Mortgage Banker

Brothers and senior mortgage bankers Joe and Lenny Trovato, along with Lenny’s wife, Kelly, provide the perfect blend of knowledge, experience and customer service to make homeownership a reality for their clients. Owning a home, Joe says, “is the foundation of the American dream,” which he feels honored to help others achieve. His enthusiasm for the mortgage industry spurred Lenny to enter it and similarly, it was Lenny’s passion for his work that inspired Kelly to join the pair and grow the business into a team. Together, the group possesses more than half a century of experience.

An accountant by training, Joe entered the industry in 1992 and has closed every type of loan imaginable over those 23 years, experiencing both the good times and the economic recession. His financial expertise translates to a high success rate when it comes to helping buyers obtain approval on low-risk loans. “What I’ve learned throughout my career is that when it comes to structuring mortgages, no one size fits all, because every client is unique and so is that client’s needs,” he says. “That’s why I take a consultative approach when advising them about their options, which allows us to work together to create a plan that meets their financial and real estate goals.” The father of three shares the lessons he has learned with other lenders as a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist who facilitates seminars for Mortgage Coach and Buffini & Company. He also presents at industry events across the U.S., and works with the Knights of Columbus to donate to marginalized and vulnerable populations.

Lenny pursued a profession in loan origination after working in the restaurant industry for two decades, a transition his brother encouraged because he believed Lenny had the makings of an excellent mortgage banker. The strong work ethic he demonstrated in his previous career continues to serve him well, since it taught him aspects of risk management, strategic planning, goal setting and customer service. “I have a talent for solving even the most complicated of problems, so I’m the go-to person when there’s a particularly difficult loan to structure,” he explains. “Typically, if I can’t close a loan, then no one can!” After 16 years in the field, the father of four follows the same rule in his personal and professional life that he always has: the golden rule. In addition to the substantial body of knowledge he possesses about mortgage products and lending guidelines, he attributes his exemplary track record to his tremendously supportive team, which he describes as second to none.

“He bought me a glossary of mortgage terminology in 2002 and I’ve never looked back!” Kelly laughs when recalling how her husband introduced her to the industry. Born in Greece before studying in Scotland for her undergraduate and graduate degrees in biology and physical education, respectively, her background includes both wholesale and retail lending. While her education perhaps suggests another career path, it nonetheless equipped her with the ability to manage relationships and assume roles that necessitate leadership skills, both of which are critical to her work at CBC National Bank. Like her brother-in-law, Kelly credits her outstanding team for differentiating the company’s approach to business. “We each make ourselves accessible to clients at all times, including on weekends, and that level of commitment prepared us to open our own retail business when the housing market crashed in 2007,” says the mother of two. “We worked our way up from the ground floor to become a respected leader among lenders despite the tough economic challenges that plagued the country at that time.”

Not only does each member of this team boast honors like being named a Top Gun in the industry for outstanding production and receiving the Sherriff’s Award for leadership, but each also takes special pride in knowing that their clients have obtained the financing they’ll need to make the American dream a reality. Lenny describes this as an extremely gratifying aspect of what he does, and the part of the job that he’s never tired of, even after nearly two decades in the business. This is because, as Joe puts it, “Behind every loan there’s a person, a family or a friend, and that’s what makes us want to do our best.” Kelly sums it all up when she calls her family her greatest inspiration. “Family is why so many people want a home of their own because it’s what brings everyone together, in one place and under one roof. If we can play just a small part in a lifetime of family memories, then we’ve done our job.”

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