Brian Berman, Owner

Mortgage Atlanta, LLC

Brian Berman is a pro at overcoming financial challenges, an expertise he honed as a teenager. “I held the southeast record for the most orders taken and money received at a McDonald’s drive-through, so a corporate exec came to meet me and gave me a cup to get free drinks for life!” he recalls. Today Berman has long since graduated from selling hamburgers to originating sophisticated mortgages for Atlanta homebuyers. He has owned Mortgage Atlanta, LLC since 2009, and the company consistently tops Kudzu’s list as a stellar lender. He has witnessed the perennial success of his firm as each year it has closed more loans than in the 12 months prior, a true testament to his leadership through challenges like the recent economic recession.

A self-described problem solver who thrives on working through the complications that residential lending can present, Berman supports first-time and experienced homebuyers alike. “No two buyers are exactly the same, and it’s the thrill of structuring the perfect mortgage for each of them that inspires me,” he says. He co-majored in economics and finance while at Bentley University, focusing on interest rates policy, the bond market and financial planning, while minoring in pre-law. Berman believes that his unique academic background gives him the perspective he needs to help clients make prudent real estate decisions. In addition, Mortgage Atlanta is one of few lenders that offers what he calls a “true pre-qualification,” meaning that the lender reviews all of the borrower’s documents upfront on every loan to avoid unexpected setbacks along the way.

Berman is known for taking a flexible approach to his working hours. “I make myself available outside of the standard 9 to 5, because I know that people’s lives still go on before and after 9 to 5!” he remarks. “I also answer phone calls and e-mails quickly because I know that people’s time is precious, and that commitment has meant that none of my clients have had a closing delayed because of financing issues in over three years.” That, he adds, is largely due to the fact that Mortgage Atlanta is a direct lender that can avoid the bureaucratic setbacks that clients may experience with larger banks and brokers.

The father of a two-year-old, Berman says his wife and daughter make his hard work worthwhile. His tenacity is also why so many agents refer their clients to him. “They know that I’ll make certain the transaction goes from prequalification to closing without hiccups, and that I’ll give 100 percent to the people I serve.” While his other passion is the Atlanta Falcons – he even serves on the football team’s executive advisory board – the real source of his victories comes from the help he offers people looking to make a house their home. “Seeing a smile on my clients’ faces when they buy a place to call their own always makes my day.”

Mortgage Atlanta, LLC. 1770 The Exchange SE, Suite 280, Atlanta GA 30339. Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee # 24081, NMLS Company License # 184273, NMLS Loan Originators License # 184320, GRMA # 24383 Phone:(678) 564-1522

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