Timothy Brown, Loan Production Manager

Evolve Bank & Trust

He may not use chewing gum and a paper clip to construct an explosive, but Timothy Brown has been described as the Mortgage MacGyver. “This industry requires professionals who can solve complex problems, and I consider myself a problem-solver because I can take what looks like a hopeless situation and find a way to make it work.” As a loan originator, he has merited multiple accolades over his 14 years in the field, including the 2003 Xinnix Award for top loan officer in his graduating class and Evolve Bank & Trust’s Top Branch Production Award in 2013 and 2014. But while finding solutions to even the most challenging of conundrums is Brown’s expertise, he is equally adept at genuinely connecting with clients to both understand and meet their unique lending needs.

A graduate of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Brown credits his military service for instilling in him the importance of maintaining honor and integrity in all of his pursuits. He believes this is why he’s able to build rapport quickly with clients and colleagues. In addition, his experience in medical device sales honed his talent for simplifying even the most sophisticated concepts for clients. As a result, today he possesses the know-how necessary to support high-net-worth buyers with intricate financial portfolios. “I can quickly understand the details of their income and assets to make an accurate recommendation for how best to achieve their goals,” he explains. “I’ve learned to understand complicated tax returns that most loan originators find daunting.”

That means that Brown’s client demographic ranges from the first-time homeowner to the corporate CEO purchasing a beachfront vacation property. His strategy for making each transaction a success is to quickly develop a rapport as he walks them carefully through every step of the loan application process. “Some people expect that the mortgage process will be time-consuming and onerous, so I explain the reason, for example, that they have to provide certain documents, and that helps them appreciate the logic behind what’s needed and why,” Brown says. “My goal is to help them relax during what can be a very stressful time!”

The passion, talent and knowledge that Brown exemplifies are why this mortgage professional originated a stellar $18 million in his first year. He shares his own success with every client, which is why he brings a bottle of celebratory champagne to each closing. “I attend every closing, because I want to be a part of the joy that my clients feel when buying their new home,” says this father of three, North Point Church member and Habitat for Humanity volunteer. “I’m helping them realize their dreams, and for me, that’s a unique opportunity to impact people’s lives.”

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