Becky Nguyen Evans, CEO/Realtor

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The daughter of Vietnamese immigrants who fled their war-torn country in 1977, Becky Nguyen Evans grew up watching her parents, her two greatest role models, achieve the American dream. While they worked hard to both build their own business and purchase a home 15 years after coming to the U.S., Evans recalls their commitment to aid others who were also new to the country. “My mom and dad raised us to help people in our community with the little things that we sometimes take for granted, like getting a driver’s license, registering kids for school and going to the doctor,” she remembers. But even as they extended a hand up to those in need, Evans’ parents worked seven days a week to provide a better life for her and her two siblings. Their inspirational work ethic, coupled with the selflessness they modeled, made an indelible mark on Evans, and is demonstrated by her own perseverance to deliver for her clients.

Evans began her career just four years before the economic recession hit in 2008, but the downturn actually strengthened her resolve to succeed in real estate. That is because, as she puts it, “The American dream was turning into a nightmare for so many people, and I wanted to solve those challenges by helping them craft strategic, financially savvy plans for their future.” In the process, she honed her expertise in guiding clients to think not just about their immediate wants when buying and selling, but also about their long-term plans from a wealth-building perspective. “That’s what I do best,” she explains, “and it means that I can provide counsel to a myriad of individuals, including first-time homebuyers, downsizing seniors, upgrading families and even investors.” Her clients, she adds, range from Millennials to CEOs.

Evans successfully leverages the dual industrial management and marketing degrees she earned at Mercer University to analyze real estate trends while she concurrently lists homes with the creativity needed to attract buyers. She employs her talent for valuation to protect clients’ equity, and tracks microshifts in the market closely to advise sellers how best to price their home and obtain the greatest return on investment. Evans’ various experiences in real estate over the past decade include working as an assistant to top producers, operating her own virtual assistance firm and acting as a trainer, pre-closer and liaison for a law firm that specializes in closings. As a result, her wealth of knowledge uniquely positions her to service a range of client needs.

As her real estate team continues to expand, Evans increasingly views herself as a business owner who is positioned to help not only buyers and sellers, but also her colleagues. Her tagline is “results that move you,” and she works to embody this philosophy in every transaction. “Every client has a story, and I work to make sure that it ends in homeownership and achievement of their goals,” she says. “It’s not about earning a commission; it’s about connecting with people in a way that makes a true difference and impacting their lives.”

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