Bradley Crowe, Senior Loan Officer

Atlantic Home Mortgage

As a lender since 2009 with experience in advising clients from segments including retail, small business, the middle market and, most recently, mortgages, Bradley Crowe has helped clients navigate their way through the most complex loan transactions. Since stepping into the role of senior loan officer at Atlantic Home Mortgage six months ago, Crowe has reached nearly $10 million in production, all while taking the time to inform his clients about all the available loan programs so they can make an educated decision. “I aim to provide an environment where it’s OK to ask questions,” he says. “If a client can learn something about how and why one program was a better fit, it ultimately makes them a better consumer.”

With an extensive background in all facets of banking, Crowe can counsel clients on more than a single transaction, providing them with insight into how one lending situation could impact future financial decisions. “I take pride in being transparent with my clients,” he says. “I enjoy teaching, and if I can share even just a nugget of information during the mortgage process, then I feel like I’ve done my job.”

This year, Crowe trained for and completed a sprint triathlon, reaching his goal of trying something new before he turned 35.

Crowe is a father of four in a blended family and loves to make memories with his wife and kids. As a former foster parent to nine children over a three-year span, he has unparalleled patience and empathy, which extends beyond his home and into his business. “We don’t get to choose our parents or our life circumstances, but we can choose how we serve and love others,” he says.

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