Andrew Rocco, Branch Manager, Senior Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate


“There must be a better way”: These words reverberated in Andrew Rocco’s mind after he applied for a mortgage to purchase his first home. This was “back in the day,” when bankers completed loan applications via pen and paper, followed by a hurry-up-and-wait approval process. After leaving the engineering field in 2002, Rocco set out to transform the client experience in the mortgage industry.

Although his original intent was to be an engineer, Rocco realized his chosen career path didn’t offer the level of face-to-face consumer interaction he desired. “Finance gave me an avenue that was consumer-based and still allowed me to work with numbers,” he explains.

Now a branch manager and senior vice president of mortgage lending at Guaranteed Rate, Rocco aims to take the stress out of homebuying and instead make the process an enjoyable one. In addition, his clients have 18 years of experience at their disposal. “Being able to identify problems upfront and find solutions early is the key to this business,” he says. “Sometimes only time will give you the perspective needed to identify a problem, then find the solution.”

Creating better experiences for consumers remains at the center of Rocco’s business objective today. “This was the reason I got into the business,” he shares. “While that customer experience has evolved over the years, the most important thing that hasn’t changed is communication.” His ability to effectively communicate and set clear expectations for his clients has been instrumental to his success.

When not originating loans, Rocco can often be found on a golf course or in the kitchen practicing his culinary skills. “I love to cook and even took time off work to attend TheFrench Culinary School in Manhattan to learn how to make bread and pastries,” he recalls. He also enjoys networking at Realtor and builder association events.

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