Ali Van Dillen, Agent

Ansley Real Estate


Passion comes shining through when working with someone who takes pure pride in what they do and those they serve. Such a sensation is what clients experience from working with Ali Van Dillen, who was no stranger to real estate when she began selling residential properties. Equipped with 20-plus years of experience working in commercial real estate as a banking professional, Van Dillen never skips a beat when orchestrating the American dream of homeownership for her clients.

Often over lunch or coffee, Van Dillen begins client relationships with a conversation about goals. Then, using the information gained from that initial dialogue, she performs diligent research to assist clients in making educated decisions going forward. “I share with them specific information tailored to fit their needs,” she explains. “My clients are very intelligent and have likely already done their research, so I try to bring them not only statistics but what I’m currently observing in the market. Together, we create a strategy, plan and timeline.”

For her sellers, Van Dillen’s financial knowledge and analytical skills are invaluable. In addition, her clients benefit from her relationships with other industry professionals. “I’m astute at pricing and reviewing multiple offers in detail and have discussions with lenders to ensure that the offer selected has a qualified buyer and favorable terms behind highest price,” she adds.

In March, Van Dillen became licensed to sell real estate in Florida, where she and her family have an investment property. She enjoys helping Atlanta buyers research Florida’s scenic 30A.

Van Dillen has a knack for interior design and renovation, too. She and her husband, Bob, love to tackle house projects together. Their current project has been featured in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Outside of real estate, Van Dillen enjoys running, riding her Peloton and paddle boarding on the lake outside her home in East Cobb.

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