Ashton Holland, Realtor

Ansley Real Estate


Pre-pandemic, Ashton Holland was on the West Coast working for a large medical hospital. When the pandemic hit, he had lots of time on his hands to think, and two serendipitous things happened: one, he realized he was in the wrong industry, and two, he learned the importance of home. “I packed my bags and followed my heart,” he remembers. “It led me back to my family, living in my hometown and a new career in real estate.”

A Realtor with Ansley Real Estate’s Mountain & Lake office, Holland grew up in Blue Ridge with parents who led successful real estate careers. While experiencing real estate firsthand is irreplaceable, he had the fortune of learning about the industry from an early age. “I’ve seen the market fluctuate and the growth in our town and feel I truly understand the ebb and flow of our market,” says Holland. Like his parents before him, he’s building her business on a foundation of honesty and integrity. “I give 110% to each of my clients,” he adds. “I simply want what is best and fair for my clients and customers.”

Like with a jigsaw puzzle, Holland collects bits and pieces of information from his clients that he will use to unveil their bigger picture. “I want to learn what they do and what they plan to do so I can better assist their needs,” he explains. “Whether they are buying a second home, relocating or investing in a short-term rental, I look at the longevity of their investment and how I can best match them with something that will bring the return they’d like to see.”

Holland lives, breathes, sleeps and works in downtown Blue Ridge. Outside of work, he enjoys the district’s shopping and eateries and loves spending time on the lake and in the mountains.

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