Joe Shanley, Vice President of Mortgage Lending

Guaranteed Rate


It has long been said that small- and medium-sized businesses — and their owners — are the heartbeat of the U.S. economy. However, when it comes to mortgages, being a business owner hasn’t always paid off. Joe Shanley, a former business owner, is no stranger to the challenges entrepreneurs face when trying to secure money for their homes or businesses. So, when he sold his company 30 years ago and became a loan originator, he focused on helping high-end and self-employed borrowers overcome those challenges.

Before joining the mortgage industry, Shanley owned a telecommunications company that sold inmate communication systems. “We installed automated phone systems in prisons and county jails,” he explains, adding that the company automated a system that previously used live operators. “Our product was one of the very first applications of voice recognition technology.”

After selling his business in 1991, Shanley was introduced to mortgage lending through a friend. “I did my research and realized it was a tremendous opportunity,” he recalls. “I wanted to go to bat for self-employed borrowers, and that helped my career take off.”

If there is one word that aptly describes Shanley, it is persistent. He never wavers in his dedication to getting the job done, from obtaining new business to seeing clients through the application process to approval and closing. “I work with a lot of self-employed borrowers, so I have seen just about every type of transaction,” he shares. “I communicate effectively with the borrower from the initial phone call through the entire process.”

Shanley’s passion for helping others extends to the community. He contributes to several nonprofits, including animal rescue organizations. He even has his own rescue dog. “I’m always trying to be a better-trained human,” he says, adding that he also loves grilling, mountain and road biking, working out and listening to live music.

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