Jeff Bayer, Vice President of Mortgage Lending, Originating Manager

Guaranteed Rate Affinity

With nearly 25 years of experience in the business, Jeff Bayer, vice president of mortgage lending and originating manager at Guaranteed Rate Affinity, is what you might call a jack-of-all-trades. For starters, Bayer didn’t just casually get into lending when he first began — he actually started his own company. Today, as a member of the Georgia Association of Realtors, he’s living out a legacy begun by his own father and other family members who were also part of the industry.

“I always had an interest in finance and real estate,” Bayer recalls. “Today, I lead a team of six lending officers, and to be able to help as many people as possible achieve the American dream is what keeps us going.” His clients remark on his wide availability and 24/7 responsiveness to urgent questions, while other agents on his team know that communication is the name of the game for Bayer’s business.

“Our team is different in that we communicate with clients throughout the entire process,” Bayer says. “Having six officers and a sales assistant, we’re able to stay grounded and up-to-date on what’s taking place.” A core partner with Coldwell Banker agents, Bayer and his team can handle the high volumes that have been common throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent hot real estate market.

Staying ahead of trends, changes and curveballs that happen across the lending ecosystem helps Bayer remain competitive despite all the ups and downs of the market. “We work hard to get the job done, and once that’s done, it’s time to have fun,” he declares. With a beautiful wife and seven kids at home, fun is never in short supply. “My family,” he shares, “keeps me balanced and focused.”

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