Ja’Neen Gore, Regional Sales Manager

Guaranteed Rate Affinity


In real estate, the customer’s perception is the professional’s reality, which Ja’Neen Gore learned early on. She was schooled in proper sales techniques at a young age while sharpening her customer service skills. After joining the lending industry at just 18, she quickly turned it into a passion. Since then, clients have dubbed her Ja’Neen the Lending Queen, a title she lives up to daily.

Facilitating mortgages is a small part of Gore’s job description. She’s also a nurturer and sounding board for her customers. Over the past 15 years, she has mastered the art of service. “My clients feel as if they have known me forever, even in the beginning,” she shares, adding that she often asks the referring agent about clients ahead of time to personalize her service to their needs and personality.

Gore has almost quadrupled her annual sales volume from $10 million to $40 million since she began closing loans in Georgia four years ago. She was hired as an operating manager at Guaranteed Rate Affinity 18 months ago, then was promoted to regional manager a month ago. Her success stems from a simple business model: chase happiness, and the money will follow. “If you truly want to help as many families as possible, success is inevitable,” she explains, adding that her clients and the agents she works with are more than business partners; they’re friends.

“I’m invited to weddings, house warmings and even concerts. This business is beyond just a transaction,” Gore says. “I’ve learned that it is a real relationship that needs nurturing, even when there isn’t a deal on the table.”

Outside of work, Gore is happiest when she’s with her family. This year, her proudest moment was seeing her daughter graduate high school with honors and go on to college.

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