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by Peter Thomas Ricci


Craig Witt, is the president of the North Central Division of EXIT Realty Corp.

This is a piece aimed at owners and agents, with an emphasis on the importance of providing information. Information gathering and sharing is crucial in our industry; agents providing relevant information to their customers, owners to their agents, and the industry overall to the Realtor professionals at-large.

You can literally get anything you need to know, about anything, at the touch of a keystroke or voice command. It is our jobs to collect and distribute the information that is important to our business, and share it with our sphere.

Let’s start from the agents perspective, since they are the most important asset in a Real Estate office. We spend countless hours prospecting for business and collecting data to input into our CRM tools, then pick the best way to distribute relevant information back to that list in drip campaign style.

The problem is that typically, drip marketing campaigns are generic at best, and share such important information about this month’s favorite dish or a gardening tip. With a few minutes of research, you can find relevant Real Estate information for their market that is actually something they can use, that is of value, and delivered to them digitally on a recurring basis.

Now on to the owner, or better yet, the leader. Sales meetings are imperative and in my opinion, a crucial component of community, culture and education. Many agents dismiss the office meeting because it lacks the three basic components…information, education and motivation.

They turn into a coffee break with no agenda, no purpose and no leadership. Competent owners understand the importance of getting their agents together to huddle and learn as a team. It is your turn to really lead and share important industry and office information with your people. Prepare for your meeting in advance, gather content rich information and make it a value-add experience so they want to return next week.

Finally, the Real Estate Industry and the responsibility to not only provide information, but accurate, relevant information that millions of individuals rely on from the agent to the consumer. Again, thanks to the internet, you can gather the information you need to keep be educated.

We are headed toward Real Estate Trade Show Season, whereby State Conventions are organized with industry leaders that educate and share their knowledge. Our EXIT Realty Annual Convention is quickly approaching in October and we have international speakers on hand to educate our agents, making sure they are experts that can pass down their wisdom to others.

Whatever your style, whichever category you fall into, make sure that you take responsibility to learn and share with others information about our profession. As Realtors, we are viewed as trusted advisors and we are expected to be experts with current data. Attend your meetings, lead by example, attend your conventions and trade shows, and above all, share your content rich knowledge with others so we continue to respected and trusted.

See you at convention!

Craig Witt is the president of the North Central Division of EXIT Realty Corp., which includes Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

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