The Short List: Jason Wieloch’s Top Marketing Strategies for Agents

by Atlanta Agent


Jason Wieloch is the president of The Wieloch Real Estate Group.

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, a collection of tips and recommendations on an essential topic in real estate. This week, we talked with Jason Wieloch, the president of The Wieloch Real Estate Group, about his top marketing strategies for agents.

There is a twofold approach to marketing: first, you have to market to your sphere of influence, meaning folks that know you or folks who would have a connection to you through some sort of channel; then, you need a marketing-based approach, as well. The most successful agents balance those two; they don’t just try to do it one way.

It’s important to have a brand and a presence, but it’s also important to have relationships and a sphere.

4. For the referral side, or the side where you work your sphere, I have a touch program that goes out to my past clients. That includes a monthly newsletter, postcards, a personal phone call every quarter and, on top of that, some seasonal things, such as a giveaway for the season. That’s how I stay in front of my past client sphere, and I also pay close attention to my Ole Miss alumni network, which I’m involved in at the local level. I do a postcard campaign to that sphere, which is branded with my school.

3. Sphere of influence marketing is also very cost-effective. Aside from the postcards that I send out, it’s generally a word of mouth, e-marketing approach. You can keep your costs pretty low when you’re marketing to a sphere, and I probably get more than half my business that way.

2. On the flip side, I do have a farm, and I have a postcard that systematically goes out to that community. When it comes to farming, you can simply pick a community, and whatever community you do pick, you have to hit them every month with some sort of information – whether it’s a postcard, a newsletter, whatever – and I recommend not just having the print media going to them, but also creating community pages around that area. For instance, with my community, I have a Facebook page specifically created, and my print materials have a call to action for those people to ‘like’ that page for more info.

So it’s using the traditional snail mail idea, but ultimately trying to draw them into your network. Some people will still pick up the phone and call you, but nowadays, you really want to give them options.

1. Give the clients something relevant, and usually, that means something that is about their community or something that affects them, and then build a call to action around the statement/information that you’re putting forward.

Jason is president of The Wieloch Real Estate Group at Keller Williams Realty Peachtree Road. He has sold $15 million in residential sales since 2010, and is a certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist and member of The Keller Williams Luxury Division, a unique group of higher end agents that specialize in fine properties.

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  • Sam Underwood says:

    All very excellent points!!! I have been in and around the RE business for almost 30 years and this advice has been the same during all these years. Good job on the article!

  • Michael Haltman says:

    The ultimate in agent marketing: Super Realtor Man!

    In an industry that has as many players as real estate it’s critical for agents to try and differentiate themselves from everyone else.

    Past performance and reputation are certainly two extremely important ways, but so is creative advertising and marketing!

    Video of Super Realtor Man here: http://go.shr.lc/1mkLzA4

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