Lawrenceville has the Largest Backyards in the U.S.

by Justin Kerr


Creative Commons 2.0: John Trainor, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gwinnett_County_Courthouse_GA.jpg

Lawrenceville home have the largest backyards in the U.S., according to a new study by Zillow.

With 14,375 square feet per average lot, Lawrenceville’s average backyard is almost the size of one-quarter of a football field. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Baltimore has an average lot size of just 1,710, a 93 percent drop from the backyards in Lawrenceville.

Here are the top five areas in Zillow’s study:

  1. Lawrenceville
  2. Fayetteville (North Carolina)
  3. Winston-Salem (North Carolina)
  4. Tallahassee (Florida)
  5. Chesapeake (Virginia)

To find out which cities have the biggest backyards, Zillow Research analyzed the average lot sizes of the 100 largest American cities.

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