Michelle Pettway on the importance of continuing education

by Atlanta Agent


Michelle Pettway is the team officer of Michelle Pettway and Associates with PalmerHouse Properties.

Atlanta Agent (AA): How important is continuing education for an agent’s long-term success?

Michelle Pettway (MP): Continuing education is of major importance for the long-term success of real estate agents. The industry is constantly changing, and the market in ever evolving. Continue education classes can help agents stay on top of changes in real estate practices, update them on market trends and make sure that the are doing it in a legal and ethical manner.

AA: What is the biggest education blind spot right now, for Atlanta-area agents?

MP: In my opinion, the biggest education blind spot right now is technology. I do not know many agents who understand the importance of keeping up with changes and advances in technology, and how that will keep them at the top of their game. We are in the century of the Millennials, and they love technology.

AA: What changes are you seeing in real estate that will lead to new education opportunities?

MP: The biggest change in real estate that I see right now that will lead to new education opportunities are the changes brought on by the CFPB with the new TRID program. Obtaining loans and closing transactions now comes with a new set of policies, procedures and regulations.

AA: Finally, outside of the classroom, how can agents keep themselves educated and informed?

MP: Outside of the classroom, agents can keep themselves educated by attending real estate conferences and convention by NAR and GAR. They should also read books that are specific to the real estate industry, and participate in social media groups that are designed to share pertinent industry information. Real estate agents can also take online classes (www.RESTInstitute) when they don’t have time to sit in a classroom.

Michelle Pettway is the team officer of Michelle Pettway and Associates with PalmerHouse Properties. Licensed since 2001, Michelle is a member of the DeKalb Association of Realtors and the secretary for the DeKalb Chapter of WCR; she is the owner/director/instructor of her own real estate school, Real Estate Systems Training Institute (which specializes in pre-license/post-license courses), and she specializes in short sales, REO, traditional sales and luxury homes in Gwinnett and DeKalb County.

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