Tisha Marie Payton on Millennials and homeownership

by Atlanta Agent


Tisha Marie Payton is a Realtor with Keller Williams in Atlanta.

Atlanta Agent (AA): What kind of homes are Millennials looking for in your section of Metro Atlanta?

Tisha Marie Payton (TMP): Condos and townhomes are popular right now for Millennials. The convenience of a quick walk to entertainment, less time to travel to destinations and the upper echelon feel of concierge that makes them look and feel like they have more than they probably do.

With Millennials, it’s all about being seen and perceived in a good light; reputation is everything to us. A small percentage are even becoming savvy in distressed fix and flips. Other Millennials who have children and who are engaged/getting married want more space, so single-family homes are their interest with minimal inner city activity.

AA: How do Millennials differ from other generations?

TMP: Millennials review and research more often than others. When making decisions, we are technology efficient and need immediate satisfaction/gratification for any decisions we make. We are statistically proven to be the most innovative and creative generation that has ever existed, thus far.

AA: Finally, what do some agents get wrong about Millennials?

TMP: The younger we are, the more educated we are. We are not respected as much by non-Millennials because we are still perceived as “young,” not as intellectually inclined adults. We are creatives and think outside the box, accept all cultures, races and sexual preferences. We want to give and receive love, and be accepted and respected. We want our voices to be heard, not silenced.

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