The top 4 home design trends for 2017 – and the 3 going out the door

by Peter Thomas Ricci


Every year brings with it new design trends that capture the hearts and minds of prospective homebuyers, and thanks to Zillow Digs, we have a good idea of what trends to look for in the 2017 housing market.

First, here are the top four trends for next year:

1. Velvet – Already a hot trend, Zillow Digs expects velvet to make a “big splash” in 2017, especially in throw pillows, upholstered couches and curtains.

2. Jewel Colors – The saturated colors of emerald green and sapphire blue bring “life and richness” to residences, and Zillow Digs predicts they will appear in anything from artwork to furniture.

3. Marble Surfaces – Countertops, flooring and tabletops will be natural spots for marble, particularly in white/light gray color schemes; platters, vases and other household items could also incorporate marble.

4. Built-in Bars – Finally, bar carts were a hot trend in 2016, and Zillow Digs thinks the more permanent built-in bar will be popular in 2017. Whether it be a built-in shelf for cocktails or a seating area, bars could become focal points within the home.

Kerrie Kelly, Zillow Digs’ home design expert, summarized the website’s predictions.

“Interior design in 2017 will be about bringing warmth and comfort into the home,” she said. “Homeowners will start to shy away from overly industrial designs that feel stiff or cold. Instead, they will incorporate plush fabrics like velvet and rich jewel tones into their home to make it feel more approachable and welcoming.”

3 trends to leave behind

Zillow Digs also highlighted three design trends that are fading away, and they are much in line with the shift Kelly noted in her comments:

1. Industrial Furniture – Exposed brick will remain en vogue, but the uncomfortable and impractical furniture that defined the “industrial” trend will be retired for “steampunk” items with rich leather and plush fabrics – aka, comfortable furniture!

2. Cool Grays – A nice neutral color, gray has been a go-to for homeowners and designers, but experts anticipate more experimentation in 2017 with brighter, more individualized colors.

3. Quote Art – Calling it “overdone,” Zillow Digs expects quote art to be “forgotten quickly” next year, and to be replaced with artwork that captures the colors and textures of nature.

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