Beltline CEO wants 10,000 affordable homes along the trail



On Monday’s second quarterly update of 2018, Atlanta Beltline CEO Brian McGowan decided to double down on its original goal of 5,600 affordable houses along the city’s multi-use trail.

“The 5,600 is a goal. That’s not my goal. My goal is 10,000. The whole team is looking at way beyond 5,600. That’s a minimum,” McGowan told WABE.

With the sights now set at a lofty 10,000 homes, Beltline tells WABE they are also rethinking which units will count towards their goal. Now, instead of only counting properties built by Invest Atlanta, Beltline will be counting affordable housing built by public organizations, such as the Atlanta Housing Authority and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Rather than attempting to cover their shortcomings, Beltline may be standing by their promise to make affordable housing a long-term priority in future Beltline-adjacent neighborhoods. By tallying the efforts of several other companies, Beltline and other agencies are forming a united front.

“We are hitting gentrification head on,” Paul Morris, former CEO of Beltline said at the first quarterly briefing in 2017 according to Atlanta Loop.

With the new agencies considered, the total number of affordable housing built is now 1,600, a significant increase from the old metric’s 900, according to Curbed Atlanta.

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