The Short List: Keith Archangel’s Tips On Effectively Servicing New Construction Clients

by Atlanta Agent


Keith Archangel is a neighborhood sales manager with Acadia Homes and Neighborhoods.

Every week, we ask a real estate professional for their Short List, a collection of tips and recommendations on an essential topic in real estate. This week, we talked with Keith Archangel, a neighborhood sales manager with Acadia Homes, on how agents can effectively service new construction clients.

13. A.B.L – Always Be Learning. Continue to educate yourself on this ever-changing real estate market.

12. Be a student of the game. Take as many continuing education courses that pertain to your specialty, be it: new homes fee-simple ownership; single family; multifamily; townhouses; or condominium. Know the real estate Law as it pertains to your state and specialty.

11.Know your purchase and sales agreement! This is your key to buyer confidence and credibility.

10. Know your product well, and be able to demonstrate the features and benefits of why you stand out from your competition.

9. Know your competition. Be ready to show your potential customers what separates you from the others.

8. Having a profound knowledge of the construction process. One of the best ways to gain confidence and credibility from your customers is to understand how your product was constructed, from the monolithic slab all the way to the type of shingles used on your homes. Be ready to explain in full detail everything behind the walls, and the benefits of a well-built product – even down to the type of lumber used!

7. Be knowledgeable about the current market, and day-to-day rates. Talk with your trusted lender on a weekly basis to understand the process that a buyer undergoes from the time the purchase and sales agreements are executed to the time or window frame of rate lock. That is important, as it builds a buyer’s confidence in your knowledge as a well-rounded real estate professional.

Also, know how to run approximate payments by hand. This is quite impressive to prospects. You would be amazed at how many ask you to do this just to see if you are on point. With buyers being more savvy these days, chances are they already know this information. They are testing you to see if you are knowledgeable and resourceful, so they fell comfortable placing their trust in you.

6. If, by chance, you were not one of the top five in your company in sales for the year, or at number one, never be afraid to ask the persons who finished ahead of you what they did to reach that spot. You would be amazed at what people are willing to share with you if you just ask.

5. Be courteous, patient and professional. Always remember that in the new homes sales capacity, buyers – and the agents that bring us the buyers – are our customers, first and foremost. We should always remember that we are ladies and gentleman, serving ladies and gentleman.

4. Remember – the early bird gets the worm. If your sales office opens at 10 a.m. daily, it may not hurt to be there 30 minutes early to set up shop. Make sure your model home is immaculate and smelling fresh, and offer your guests a light refreshment.

That may sound funny, but it always helps to have a scent in the kitchen that resembles something baking, such as a cinnamon or sugar cookies. People remember scents, and that may be the one thing they remember about you that your competition has over looked. It’s a small gesture, but it relaxes the buyers as they tour your model home; it helps them to picture themselves living there.

3. Walk your spec./available homes on a daily basis to make sure they are ready to be toured by your prospective buyers. Your community directional, lot signs and market homes should always be neat, pristine and free of debris from the ongoing construction.

2. Ask probing questions, then hush and listen. The buyers will tell you just what they are looking for. Once they finish, it will be up to you to guide them to and through your product with all of the aforementioned qualities.

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. Even if what they want to offer is far from what you know your seller is willing to accept, get your prospects familiar with the purchase and sales agreement. Put their feelings on paper, collect an acceptable amount of earnest money and let your seller counter their offer. That way, they have shown you some level of strong interest.

Keith Archangel is a neighborhood sales manager with Acadia Homes and Neighborhoods.

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