The 7 Insider Secrets To Home Staging

by Atlanta Agent


Krisztina Bell is a real estate agent, professional home stager and the pioneer of “virtual staging”

Some real estate listings are not always perfect, but there are creative tips and tricks that can turn any house into a more attractive home – even on that looks like the inside pages of a interior design magazine. Potential buyers want to see current and hip furnishings and decor so that they are able to envision themselves living in the home.

Here are seven insider secrets to home staging that will really “wow” homebuyers and sell the dream:

1. A bed should always be at least 23″ off the floor. That means NOT on the floor or on cinder blocks, but utilizing a mattress and a boxspring on a bedframe. And do not forget a pretty bedskirt and neutral bedding to complete the look.

2. Never push furniture all the way flat against a wall. Have your seating arrangement just a few inches away, and always create good traffic flow when home staging a living space.

3. Folding screens are not only a decorative piece, but can instantly change a room by acting as a headboard behind a bed or to filling an awkward corner/area of a room. They also are a great way to designate an open living and dining room space.

4. Placing a tall mirror above a fireplace or staging a room with one larger piece of furniture will instantly make a room appear larger. That’s all it takes! Note: When hanging art or a mirror above a fireplace, make sure there is seven inches of space between the wall hanging and the top of mantel.

5. If a fabulous art collection is not in your budget, then purchase frames and cut out colorful pieces of fabric, wallpaper or even illustrations from a book, and hang accordingly to make a statement in a room.

6. If pillows or duvet covers have too busy a pattern on the front, they may overwhelm a room. Check the reverse side, as it could have a more pleasing solid color on the back; or, the bedspread may have a more simple print on the reverse side that is more calm and simple.

7. When considering painting a ceiling in a room, avoid going with stark white. Some white paints have a bit of grey in them and make a ceiling appear shorter, so try an off-white paint color instead. Note: one gallon of paint covers approximately 400 square feet of wall space.

Krisztina Bell is a real estate agent, professional home stager and the pioneer of “virtual staging” who has provided more than 10 years of experience in the real estate marketing business. Krisztina’s niche market is being a resource in teaching and helping agents nationwide and globally transform any vacant property listing into a beautifully staged home through her two Atlanta based companies, No Vacancy and Virtually Staging Properties.

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