6 common mistakes agents make when staging properties

by Atlanta Agent


When it comes to selling a property, the two most important components are price and presentation, the latter of which is especially important when you have potential buyers knocking on the door.

Six staging mistakes that can easily be avoided are:

1. Not asking the client to get their property thoroughly cleaned inside and out before opening the door to a potential buyer. A cluttered yard and a dirty, messy house will instantly turn off most buyers.

2. Not encouraging the client to de-clutter their home can be a big mistake. De-cluttering allows the prospective buyer to really see the property without all the current owner’s belongings lying around. Piles of stuff here and there detract from the home and focus on the negative, rather than the positive. For instance, making sure kitchen and bathroom countertops are free from such items will show off a clean, organized look. Sofas need to have only a couple of pillows on them. And organized closets show off the storage available in the home.

3. Not getting the client to invest in brighter light bulbs. Lighting is key when selling a home. Dark dingy rooms are not attractive to a prospective buyer.

4. Not fixing repairs. This is a major mistake, and though it is often overlooked by sellers, potential buyers always notice. Updating fixtures and making sure all walls/trim are clean and free from scuffmarks is a must.

5. Not getting professional photographs of the property. Skimping on photos is a mistake. Using smart phones to take pictures is a no-no if you want the property to stand out above the rest.

6. Disrupting the staging. Once the property has been staged, the agent needs to make sure the client leaves it the way the stager left it, at least until the property sells.

Home prepping and staging is the way to go for agents to get clients the most money for their property. The cost of staging is significantly less than a price reduction on a property, and your client will thank you!


Leslie Granberry has been in design most of her life. In the 80s, she worked for a well-known designer, which afforded her many valuable opportunities to grow and nurture her talent. As VP of Interior Design for Frooglly, helping clients re-style their home for an affordable price is a dream come true.

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