5 delightful ways Peachtree City attracts homebuyers

by Peter Thomas Ricci


Peachtree City’s motto is “Plan to stay,” and below, we have listed out five reasons that so many consumers have chosen to call the sweetly named town their home.

1. It’s one of Georgia’s Top Markets – Peachtree City is not only one of the strongest markets in Metro Atlanta, but rather, the entire Peach State. According to a Coldwell Banker study, the town is the sixth-most exclusive in the state, with a four-bed, two-bath house selling for an average of $290,544.

2. A Climbing Marketplace – Consistent with its ranking in Coldwell Banker’s report, the Peachtree City housing market is having a bang-up 2016, with prices rising strongly in all levels of the market. Per Redfin statistics, the average sales price in the town is up 5.9 percent in 2016 to $342,000, while the luxury market has truly taken flight – prices are up 18.6 percent to $1.034 million.

3. Safe and Sound – Safety is a huge selling point for homebuyers, and few communities in Georgia are safer than Peachtree City. A SafeWise analysis found that Peachtree was the state’s fourth-safest area, with 12.66 property crimes per 1,000 residents and only 0.29 violence crimes per 1,000.

4. Family Friendly – Given its wonderfully safe environment, it’s hardly surprising that Peachtree City is also one of Georgia’s best communities for families. A WalletHub study ranked the town among the state’s 10 best places to raise a family, with its safety, affordability and strong economy earning very high marks.

5. Mario Kart – In what is undeniably Peachtree City’s most unique touch, the town has a system of golf cart paths that stretch for more than 90 miles, and allow residents a secondary means of access for nearly any part of the town. As a result, more than 9,000 households own a golf cart, while businesses offer golf-cart parking and police use golf carts during their patrol.

Photo Credit: Mikefairbanks, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Official_Peachtree_City_flag_in_Peachtree_City,_Georgia.jpg

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