Report: Atlanta one of country’s “most compassionate” cities

by Chip Bell


The compassion of America is in question. But not in Atlanta, according to a new report from realtor.com. To some homebuyers, that matters a whole lot.

By the numbers, Atlanta is a generous city; the No. 6 most generous in the country, realtor.com claims. On average, its residents give 3.8 percent of their income to charity (the second most of any city in the top 10), and of those residents, 13.2 percent do volunteer work.

Beyond individual contributions, the city’s bedrock corporations have also made huge efforts to give back. Coca-Cola, which matches its employees’ charitable contributions, donated $117.3 million in 2015, while Home Depot has made a concerted effort to improve housing for veterans.

Check out our table below to see how Atlanta compares:

Rank City Volunteer Rate Income Donated
1 Provo, Utah 7.30% 6.40%
2 Ann Arbor, Mich. 12.70% 2.10%
3 Richmond, Va. 12% 2.60%
4 Durham, N.C. 12.60% 2.50%
5 Charleston, S.C. 14.30% 2.70%
6 Atlanta, Ga. 13.20% 3.80%
7 Alexandria, Va. 15% 1.80%
8 Birmingham, Ala. 10.50% 2.90%
9 Eugene, Ore. 12.50% 2.10%
10 Scottsdale, Ariz. 15.30% 2.10%

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