Ansley partner purchases technology, consulting firm Suburban Jungle

by Jason Porterfield

Chicago-based @properties, a partner of Ansley Atlanta, took another step in its growth by acquiring the New York-based real estate technology and advisory firm Suburban Jungle Group.

Suburban Jungle provides pre-search consultation services to homebuyers to help them find the ideal neighborhood or suburb for their needs and match them with a vetted real estate agent. Referrals are based on agents’ local expertise and their commitment to Suburban Jungle’s buyer-advocacy model. The company serves nine major cities: Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, South Florida and Washington, D.C.

“This is lead generation unlike any other,” said @Properties co-CEO Thad Wong. “Suburban Jungle clients have a strong understanding of where they want to live and why; and they are ready, willing and able to purchase a home. The conversion ratio is off the charts because the client experience is off the charts.”

Suburban Jungle will continue to operate independently with founder and president Alison Bernstein at the helm. Bernstein was a student at Columbia Business School when she founded the company in 2004. She was trying to choose the New York suburb that would be best for her family.

“We saw an opportunity to bring objectivity and personalized know-how to the home search,” Bernstein said. “Believing that where you live is at least as important as the home you live in, we set out to establish a concierge service to answer the very specific questions Google can’t answer and to create a pressure-free environment in which buyers can find the perfect town for their lifestyle.”

Suburban Jungle strategists formulate their recommendations by combining extensive local experience, in-depth client interviews and technology. After referring a client to an agent, they continue to work with both parties until the buyer finds a home. The company’s Jungler app helps the strategist, the agent and their client share information, connect with locals, schedule appointments and give feedback.

Through the purchase by @properties, Suburban Jungle will gain access to more resources for further developing its tech platform, as well as a foothold for growing in its existing markets and expanding into new ones. For @properties, the acquisition follows the launch of a national franchise brand in late 2020, the onboarding of franchises in Detroit, MI and La Crosse, WI. @properties also began expanding out of the midwest in recent years through the purchase of Ansley Real Estate in Atlanta and Nest Realty, based in Charlottesville, VA.

“This is a marriage between two high-tech, high-touch companies that share a goal of introducing more consumers and agents to an amazing buy-side experience,” said @properties co-CEO Mike Golden. “Certainly, there are synergies that can drive growth for both @properties and Suburban Jungle, but our main focus is supporting Ali and her team to make a great service even better.”

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