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It’s Your ‘Reputation’ – the Real ‘R’ in CRM

As the co-inventor of ACT! contact management software, the product credited as the catalyst for the customer relationship management industry, I’m surprisingly not a champion of the concept of “managing relationships” at all. I don’t think entering data, scheduling

The 7 Essential Technologies For Luxury Homebuyers

Luxury homes are often fitted with nifty technological features, but which ones do affluent consumers most care about? Technology has become an important part of the home search process for many American consumers, and luxury homebuyers are no exception.

4 Mobile Apps You Need to Win Today’s Tech Savvy Real Estate Clients

You just received an introductory email from a prospective new client, referred to you by a friend whom you just helped buy a first home. Actually, it could also be either an intro text message or an invite to

3 Invaluable Tips for Conducting Balanced Listings

Many Realtors, including myself, have an occupational hazard of talking too much. There is so much information to share in order to educate our clients that it is extremely easy to get carried away. Anyone that knows me knows

For Luxury Homebuyers, Some Things Are More Important Than Size

When we think luxury, we generally think “BIG,” but a new survey shows that bigger it not always better with luxury homebuyers. You hear the words “luxury home,” and many things come to mind – high-end finishings, exclusive neighborhoods

What’s the REAL Credit Score Needed to Get a Mortgage?

500? 620? 740? What is the minimum credit score needed to get a mortgage? There’s a lot of disconnect between the “official” requirements and the scores that actually get people approved for home financing. Articles online show minimum FICO

Why Pricing Your Home Correctly is More Critical Now than Ever

Well, it is the fall of 2013, and I find it quite interesting how much a market can change in less than a year. It almost seemed at the stroke of midnight this past New Year’s, buyers collectively decided

The 9 Must-Have Amenities for Luxury Homebuyers in 2013

What amenities have proven the most in-demand for luxury homebuyers thus far in 2013? All consumers approach the homebuying experience with a specific set of features and amenities that they most desire in their prospective home, but luxury homebuyers

How Much Do Homes Cost in Top Tier School Districts?

Strong school districts are often a top selling point for certain neighborhoods, but how do they translate to the median price of the area? It’s gotta be among the most common of questions that real estate agents receive –

How Listing Agents with Good Intentions Can Turn Off Buyers

A common mistake that listing agents often make in front of buyer clients is to talk first and listen later, if at all. They tend to talk nonstop from the start of the showing to the end, often volunteering information

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