One of Atlanta’s Oldest Homes Set for Demolition

by Joe Ward


One of Atlanta’s oldest homes, built in 1858, is slated to be demolished; in its place, local developer Parkwood will construct a custom 4,517 square foot residence.

The narrow white building at 1385 Middlesex is believed to have been originally built in Woodville, south of Athens, and was moved to its current location in 1985. According to commenters on a recent Facebook discussion of the property, Peachtree was closed to enable the home’s move (the discussion also included several videos of the property).

The anticipated cost of demolition/construction is around $300,000, according to filing information for the demolition permit, which is roughly half the value of the home as listed on Zillow.

Photo Credit: Terry Kearns, https://www.flickr.com/photos/terrykearns/20632863613/in/album-72157658527102790/

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  • Terry Kearns says:

    Thanks. Let’s hope there is a way to save or salvage it. This is not a dilapidated wreck.

  • Teresa Howard says:

    I hope, desperately, that I made a difference!

  • Ellen Hayhurst says:

    I’m sorry, but if it’s going to cost Parkwood Development $300,000 to demolish/construct, why on God’s green earth don’t they allow someone time to come in and move the house? It cuts their demolition costs AND saves an historic house at the same time. I’d say that’s a win-win for everyone! Where is Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation?? Where is the Atlanta Historic Society? Where is the Georgia Historic Preservation Division, DNR? Seriously, 157 years of history matter… come on SOMEBODY… step up and save this house! #thisplacematters #historymatters #savethishouse Atlanta Agent Magazine

  • billy says:

    OHHHH but when you actually read the article you learn its NOT one of Atlanta’s oldest homes… it was moved to the lot in the 1980s from the Athens area… “so what” you may think.. so its a nondescript transplant and despite the zeal many wish to impose their own instant sentimentalism upon the owners while not having a single bit of vested interest in the home as they demand someone “do something” to take the owners rights away.. the one thing they won’t do is buy themselves. you have great ideas – open YOUR wallet and its alllll yours.

    • Davis McCollum says:

      Because of it’s relocation prior… None of the Preservation groups would al that keen on saving.

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