Agent Snapshot: Joshua Jarvis, Owner, Jarvis Team Realty

Name: Joshua Jarvis

Title: Owner

Company name: Jarvis Team Realty

What was your first job in the realty industry? Independent Residential Agent

Where did you grow up? Forest Park, GA

Growing up, what did you want to be? A mob boss or CEO like in Wall Street. Luckily, I found Jesus and changed significantly! LOL

What do you do to relax when you’re stressed? Workout, Basketball or Gaming

If you could have lunch with a well-known figure (living or not), who would it be and why? So many great people that I get to learn from based on what they’ve written. You can guess by my previous answer I’d say Jesus. However, if I had to pick someone contemporary it’d be Bill Gates. I’d love to find out the way that he approaches problem solving and what happened for him to become so socially focused now.

Where is your favorite place to hang out? At home with my family.

What do you love most about the industry? The freedom and the diversity of the people that you get to work with and for.

How do you distinguish yourself from the crowd of agents? My tend to be very blunt when it comes to communication. Most clients appreciate this authenticity as it’s not something they are getting from agents.

What is the most difficult aspect of your job? Dealing with other agents who don’t take this profession, professionally.

Where do you go to network and meet new clients? BNI – Very intentional networking there. I get a lot of business online.

What has been your greatest accomplishment? Will be celebrating 15 years of marriage this year.

What was the last good movie you saw or book you read? The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni. It’s not new necessarily but it’s so good as an agent that is transitioning to running a business and having a team, it’s been invaluable.

What is your favorite restaurant? Thai Chili off of Briarcliff. Hands down best Basil dishes, period.

Architecturally speaking, what is your favorite building in Atlanta? I love the birdcage building (Bank of America building) because of the story behind it. I went to GA Tech and the story has it that an Architecture student flunked out of Tech and the very design he was working on was the one that was used for that building. However, if I had to pick based on aesthetics, it’s be the Symphony building.

What kind of car do you drive? Shhh, a old Toyota Camry with almost 200K miles on it.

Smartphone or paper? Smartphone all the way.

What is your favorite city after Atlanta? Hilton Head

In 10 words or less, what is your advice for someone new to the industry? Hustle. Don’t Give Up Too Soon.

What’s your favorite real estate iPhone/Android app? Homesnap. I can’t stand the popular ones, but being able to just snap where you are is invaluable.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter? @leadertribe – every week they are putting out great leadership stuff that can help my team.

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