Atlanta is one of the best cities for a ‘staycation’



For people with a low vacation budget or just looking to save some money, a staycation can be a great way to give yourself a break without spending money a big, lavish trip. However, some places are better than others for a staycation and Atlanta is one of them.

Atlanta came in at no. 7 on Wallet Hub’s list of best cities for a staycation in 2017 with a score of 57.92, ranking it above Portland, San Francisco and New York City. Orlando topped this year’s list with a total score of 63.66.

The website looked at the 150 largest cities across the United States and ranked them based on three main categories: recreation, food and entertainment and rest and relaxation.  These categories were then broken upon into a total of 36 weighted metrics that were used to calculate a total score and make the final ranking.

Atlanta is a city filled with plenty of activities, sights and features that locals can take advantage of in order to have a relaxing summer. Some of the key factors that helped Atlanta rank so high on the list are having the sixth highest number of tennis courts per capita out of the 150 cities, theaters and concert halls per capita (no. 7), spas and wellness centers per capita (no. 8), swimming pools per capita (no. 11), museums per capita and zoos and aquariums per capita (no. 13 for both).

City Total Score Recreation Ranking Food & Entertainment Ranking Rest & Relaxation Ranking
Orlando, FL 63.66 13 1 20
Chicago, IL 61.49 1 11 10
San Diego, CA 59.32 6 5 18
Seattle, WA 59.21 3 6 25
Tampa, FL 58.8 15 15 3
Las Vegas, NV 58.62 37 2 30
Atlanta, GA 57.92 10 9 15
Portland, OR 57.68 7 3 70
San Francisco, CA 56.73 4 4 79
New York, NY 53.11 12 10 76

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