Atlanta residents find homebuying and selling stressful


Buying and selling a home can be an extremely stressful process, so much so that some Atlanta homeowners say they would rather get a root canal than try to sell a home.

According to a new survey from Opendoor, 63 percent of Atlanta homeowners say the process of homebuying and homeselling is stressful, and 61 percent considered it time-consuming. Only 7 percent of Atlanta homeowners said the process of selling a home is easy, and nearly one in four said they would rather get a root canal than go through the process.

What makes the process so stressful? Two of the most challenging aspects of selling cited by survey respondents were getting their house ready to sell (65 percent) and maintaining their home for viewing (47 percent).

As for the buying side, Atlanta homeowners said the most challenging parts are packing up family belongings (54 percent), finding a new home (50 percent) and selling the current home (49 percent).

With home prices on the rise in Atlanta, it would be a prime time for homeowners in the area to consider selling their homes. Out of those surveyed, 57 percent of homeowners felt their current location is ideal, but their actual home is less than ideal.

However, the stress seems to be a major deterrent for many homeowners. In fact, nearly a third of Atlanta homeowners said they weren’t planning on selling their homes in the next year because the hassle and stress of selling their homes aren’t worth it.

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