Georgia is one of the most popular states for out-of-state buyers


According to a new survey, homebuyers most interested in the south and many of them are headed toward Georgia.

LendingTree reviewed purchase mortgage loan requests for each state’s primary residents from October 2016 to October 2017 and found the percentage of requests looking to move out of their current state. The website then used that information to create a Moving Popularity Score. The popularity score for each state was created by dividing the percentage of all out-of-state purchase mortgage requests for the state by the percentage total population each state represents. A score of 100 means a state receives loan requests proportional to its population.

Georgia received a score of 134, which put it in the top five, following South Carolina (156), Florida (143), Delaware (139) and North Carolina (135).

While Georgia is extremely popular among out-of-state residents looking for a new location, current residents are not interested in leaving either. According to LendingTree, less than 10 percent of Georgia residents were look to move out of state, the sixth-lowest percentage.

Of those are looking to move out of state, 26.32 percent are interested in moving to Florida. In fact, Florida is the top destination for residents of 18 states.

Vermont had the highest percentage of residents looking to move out of state, at 24 percent. Additionally, the states with the lowest Moving Popularity Score were South Dakota, California, Minnesota, North Dakota and Hawaii.

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