Georgia Realtors work to recruit poll workers

by Zayd Muhammad

Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State, has partnered with the Georgia Association of Realtors to recruit poll workers for November’s election, according to a GAR press release.

“The Georgia Realtors will help us reach a wide variety of Georgians to help staff polling locations around the state on election day,” Raffensperger in the press release. “When COVID-19 swept through Georgia, Georgia’s vulnerable elderly poll workers stayed home to minimize their exposure to the pandemic. Through public-private partnerships, like the one with the Georgia Realtors, we will fill the gaps with younger poll workers and help provide a smooth and efficient experience for Georgia’s voters in November.”

On average, Georgia poll workers were above 65 years old and many opted to stay home because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Raffensperger plans to recruit younger and less vulnerable people to work the polls on election day, GAR noted.

“Realtors are known for being civically engaged,” said Georgia Realtors President Faron W. King. “We constantly strive to be involved and give back to our communities. With the current need for poll workers, we are proud to step up to the challenge and do what we can to ensure that all of our neighbors can exercise their right to vote.”

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